Shonan University of Medical Sciences


Under the philosophy of Shonan University of Medical Sciences, “Respect people, Value human life, and Adore individuals,” we challenge to develop talents that enable to contribute happiness to everyone by providing the education respecting individuality by caring others and thanking all livings through an interaction with people.


In April 1994, “Shonan Fureai Gakuen Private Education Institution was established as a corporation under the philosophy of “Respect people, Value human life, and Adore individuals” to manage “Chigasaki Nursing and Social Work College” aiming to nurture nurses and care workers when Japan was suffering a lack of medial talents.

In 1998, “Chigasaki Rehabilitation College” was established as a second school, to nurture physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and social workers.

In 2001, we inherited “Fureai Yokohama College,” “Sougou Electronics College,” “Midori Kindergarten” and “Totsuka Green Kindergarten” from Yokohama Academy Private Education Institution.

In 2004, we opened “Shimoda Nursing School” to solve the problem of insufficient nurses and no higher education institution in Izu area. In 2014, Fureai Yokohama College and Sougou Electronics College were consolidated and became “Medical Business and Tourism Information College.”

In April 2015, we established Shonan University of Medical Sciences to educate medical talents who can solve issues by conducting unique and practical researches and provide great cares and effective medical supports to replenish and motivate people with diseases and disabilities.

In April 2017, Midori Kindergarten was changed to Child Care Midori Kindergarten, a certified preschool which combines Kindergarten and day care service to support working parents.

In April 2019, we established Graduate School in Shonan University of Medical Sciences. In addition, Medical Business and Tourism Information College was renamed as Medical Business and Tourism Welfare University and opened Faculty of Nursing Care and Welfare.

In April 2021, we plan to introduce Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Currently, we are one of the leading Private Educational Institutions in Kanagawa, operating one University, four Specialized Colleges, and one certified Child Care Kindergarten.